The key to life is to Keep it Sweet. KitS by Kate was started by renowned artist Kate Stavniichuk, who creates each shirt design from a hand drawn sketch. That’s why when you wear a KitS by Kate design, you are wearing a real piece of art. With each design Kate hopes to bring smiles and happiness to everyone by sharing her passion. She believes that what you wear not only makes you who you are, but also brings out the true nature of yourself. So the mission of KitS by Kate is to bring out the happy, loving, kind, or wild side of the person that wears our designs

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage others to share their love with someone special to them. By getting matching designs for your friends, children or significant other you help create memories and an everlasting bond that will make you not only look great but also feel great.

Remember to always keep loving and being loved. You should never be scared to love because you were made of love. We hope our collection will change the current state of the world and help bring about the love and peace that makes this world great. Never forget to Keep it Sweet!